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Success Story — Sacha

SACHA GENDRON is young Métis woman from Etobicoke, Ontario

Sacha first learned about Miziwe Biik a couple of years ago from a friend who successfully found employment through one of the programs offered at the Centre. Of her own experience, Sacha stated that, “working with the staff at Miziwe Biik to secure meaningful employment was one of the best opportunities that I have had in my life.” She didn’t have any connections in the community, had raw and undeveloped skills to bring to a place of work, and was unsure about what type of work was best suited for her.

Sacha was provided with the opportunity to explore her interests and abilities while furthering her professional growth in a supportive environment. The experience allowed her to find previously unknown skills and talents while developing self-confidence, self-awareness, strengths and career goals.

While employed at the Small Arms Society (SAS) Creative Hub 1352 through Miziwe Biik, the staff at the multi-disciplinary creative hub supported her efforts to grow, to learn and to develop as a person. From their support, she learned that she loved photography through attending art events. Sacha loved capturing performers in action and it propelled her to buy her first camera. Afterwards she was given the opportunity to film and photograph at every event that was held and use the images online with photo credit for marketing. This encouraged her efforts, increased her confidence, and inspired a passion that she didn’t realize she had.

When Sacha first started her employment placement, it was just another marketing job and she had difficulty envisioning a career path but knew that she liked social media. After several months passed, still supported by Miziwe Biik and the SAS team, her career path was being shaped without her knowing it. Her work became much more than just a job and she understood the value of choosing a career she loved. “I have passion and the drive to work hard, enjoy the company of people I work with, and most importantly, I have learned the value of contributing to society and having impact with the work I do.”

Through the help of Creative Hub 1352, Sacha learned priceless life and work skills, found her passion, inner strength and confidence, and used it to open a local small business called Social Vibes. This past year she was awarded a Community Leadership Award by Mississauga MP Sven Spengmann which was acknowledged by Justin Trudeau for her effective use of social media that brings awareness to needed causes that increase the well-being of people and the planet. Through her new digital marketing business, Sacha uses both photography and social media for social good and brings awareness to impactful initiatives that she believes in. Creative Hub 1352 inspired her to change her life and for the first time, she looks forward to her new career and everything it will bring. She also looks forward to continuing her relationship with SAS and running their social media through her new company. “I will always be grateful for what the SAS board has done for me and for the Miziwe Biik program that made it all possible.”

As a part of a five-year plan, Sacha hopes to be operating her company on a larger scale by running a digital marketing agency that helps to support business in the local area. One of the biggest assets of her company is that it provides photography services, specializes in social media growth and online ads, provides on-site live tweeting, and builds community support all in one package. Her goal is to keep offering quality services and packages that are unique and highly effective in this field of work.