Miziwe Biik receives funding from Human Resources Development Canada through the Aboriginal Labour Force Development Circle to deliver the training programs to the Aboriginal community in the Greater Toronto Area.

Miziwe Biik offers different funding programs to Aboriginal organizations and businesses, which all aim to assist with employing or training our clients. For more information please find our Project Officer contacts on the staff directory.


How Miziwe Biik can help you

Funding jobs or training

Individuals can access employment funding. Current funding opportunities include the Targeted Wage Subsidy, Job Creation Partnership, Advancement Opportunity, and more.


Training to help you advance in your career

Unemployed and under-employed individuals can access training to advance themselves into a career.

Mobility Assistance

If work is not available in your area, we can provide financial assistance to help you move in order to find employment.

Contact us for more details

Work experience for 18-30s

This program is aimed at providing work experience to those between 18-30

Indigenous self-employment

We can provide business advice and financial assistance for those wanting to start their own business.

Contact Vickie for more information.

For more about any of these programs, email Reception@miziwebiik.com to talk to an employment specialist

Through Miziwe Biik, Jesse enrolled in the Web Development, Computer Technology/Systems course at Juno College. After completing his course, Miziwe Biik gave him a referral to the Canada Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB). He is now the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Coordinator for them.