Client Registration Forms

New and returning clients will need to fill out a Client Registration form, a Verification of Indigenous Ancestry form and Employment Ontario form for all Miziwe Biik services and supports.

NOTE: new forms are required for the year April 1 2024 – March 31 2025. 

Step 1: Fill out all three forms (note: the Employment Ontario form PDF requires Adobe Acrobat reader – see below for details)

Step 2: Rename files in the format ‘Form name_your name‘. Example: Miziwe Biik Registration Form_Chiibi Water

Step 3: Email completed forms to the staff member you’re in contact with

Form 1: Miziwe Biik registration Form

Form 2: Verification of Indigenous Ancestry Form

Form 3: Employment Ontario Form

EO Online form. NOTE: requires latest version of Adobe Acrobat reader

How to fill out the forms

Filling out the Employment Ontario form (PDF)

  • This PDF form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • On desktop: please ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Click here to download.
  • On Mobile: Download the  Adobe Acrobat Reader app.
  • You can either fill in the PDF on your computer or print it off and fill it in by hand. If you fill it in by hand please scan or photograph the form
  • Please be sure Employment Services is checked at the top of the EO form
  • Email completed forms to Intake at [email protected]

Help with the Employment Ontario form

Miziwe Biik support page for filling out the forms.

Visit Ontario EO‘s help page for the Employment Ontario form. 

If you’re still having trouble, please contact a Miziwe Biik staff member for assistance.