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Miziwe Biik Appoints New Board of Directors President

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  • Post published:June 12, 2018
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Miziwe Biik Aboriginal Employment and Training Center appoints new President Krystal Abotossaway to the executive board of directors.

It is with great delight that I take on this new role as President. Being with Miziwe Biik for the last three years serving as a youth representative has built a foundation for me personally to understand the commitment Miziwe Biik has to the indigenous population in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our mission has never been more clear – to provide services to the Aboriginal* peoples; to work with employers to secure employment opportunities; to deliver federal and provincial programs; and, promote Aboriginal* entrepreneurship and the development of our economies.

We stand strong as an organization to assists all persons of Aboriginal*ancestry to attain a better quality of life and believing that community needs and aspirations are paramount.

I’m humbled to be afforded this opportunity and I do not take it lightly. Together we affirm indigenous communities to develop their fullest potential. And we strongly stand beside the belief that it is through traditional and cultural values, practices and resources that we will reclaim our destiny.

Chii Miigwetch,

Krystal Abotossaway

*First Nations (status & non-status), Inuit, and Metis