How To: Filling out Miziwe Biik’s Client Registration Form

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A flow chart to troubleshoot issues with a form.
Follow this flow chart to troubleshoot issues you face when filling out the Client Registration Form

Our Client Registration Form is an important part of our process. It helps staff to understand our clients as they navigate our services. Sometimes it’s the first point of contact so that we can understand our client’s needs. Since March 2020 our form has changed so that staff can work remotely with clients. We also have a secondary form available for clients accessing Employment Services. Alongside our Client Registration Form, please download and fill out our Employment Ontario form.

If you’re having trouble with the form, please read through the information below so that we can try our best to help you.

Having issues filling out the Employment Ontario form?

Email your Employment Specialist or to get the form in an alternative format.

Filling out the Client Registration form on a computer/ laptop.

  • Did you save the form but it’s now blank?
    This issue is caused when the form is filled out in a browser (like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.). Unfortunately, this means you will need to download the form. Click on the save icon (a floppy disk) in the upper right-hand corner. It’s suggested that you save the file to your desktop under your name and the current date (like this: YourName_01-04-21). Once saved, go to your desktop and click on the file.
  • If the file opens back up in your browser, you will need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    Click this link ( and follow the instructions to download the free Acrobat Reader desktop application. Once you have Acrobat Reader, you can now open PDF files on your desktop/ laptop. The form will be easier to save now.

Now fill out the form as best you can. Once you’re finished hit save and exit the document. It’s suggested to do a doublecheck of the document before you email it back to a Miziwe Biik staff member.

Filling out the form on a phone/ mobile device.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader through the Play store (either on Android or Apple). Once the app is download onto your phone, you can now download the Client Registration Form to fill the form sections through the app. Once the form is complete, save it and email it to the Miziwe Biik staff member you’re working with.

I’m not a tech person. Is there anyway else to do this?

Yes, if you have a printer. You can print off the form, fill it out with a pen and then take photos of each page. Once you take photos, forward them to the staff member you’re in contact with.

If you continue to have issues, please connect directly with the staff member you’re communicating with or email