Are you between 15 and 29 years old and looking for a full or part-time job?

The Youth Job Link Program can help you:

  • find your first job, either full or part time
  • write a resume and cover letter
  • prepare for job interviews

For more information or to register, contact reception at 416-591-2310.

Program details

Objective: this employment and training measure is designed to benefit Aboriginal youth (18-30) by providing high-quality work experience within the private sector.

Eligible Participants: Unemployed Aboriginal youth between the ages of 18-30 that have not successfully been able to find employment in their chosen career or educational paths. Participants must not be in school or returning to school.

Eligible Employers: Private sector employers, public sector, not for profit corporations, municipal governments and native band councils.

Duration: To be negotiated up to 16 weeks, however, the assistance can evolve to a Target Wage Subsidy (see above).

Requirements for the Measure: The client must have an assessment and written recommendation by an Employment Counsellor. The employer will provide a work/training plan that will be assessed by the LDM prior to entering an agreement.

Eligible Financial Contributions:

  • Wages to be negotiated.
  • Negotiated employment supports i.e.: transportation, childcare.
  • Negotiated one-time client support to the maximum of $250 for special clothing or safety equipment.
  • Negotiated special costs for access for alter-abled clients.