NOTE: Please contact [email protected] to talk to an employment specialist before applying to these positions, so that we can ensure the forms are filled out correctly for funding your position.

Miziwe Biik receives funding from Human Resources Development Canada through the Aboriginal Labour Force Development Circle to deliver training programs for the First Nations, Inuit and Metis community that reside within the GTA. 

All the positions below are funded by Miziwe Biik and specifically created for the Aboriginal community. 

Many of these positions do not require previous experience, so they’re a great way to build up a resume. Miziwe Biik employees are available to help you find and apply for the right position for you. If you need help, contact [email protected] to talk to an employment specialist.


Can’t find a suitable job?

If you can’t see a position you like, let us know.  We have a wide network of employers we work with to place clients. 

We might be able to create a new position, or find something else that works for you. 

Contact [email protected] for more information

How Miziwe Biik Helped Jesse

Through Miziwe Biik, Jesse enrolled in the Web Development, Computer Technology/Systems course at Juno College. After completing his course, Miziwe Biik gave him a referral to the Canada Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB). He is now the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Coordinator for them.