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Ontario Science Center

What can I expect to do in this role?

The Finance department provides oversight of the financial management of the Ontario Science Centre’s resources. Key deliverables include the preparation of the Business Plan, Quarterly Financial Statement Reporting, forecasts, expenditure and revenue management and reporting, financial and attendance data analysis, dashboards, procurement advice, RFPs, Treasury Board submissions, tax filings and receipts and other ministry reporting.

As a business and financial planning intern, you can:

  • Learn about public sector accounting, financial management and internal control practices
  • Acquire hands-on experience with business planning, risk management and strategic resource management
  • Design financial and business processes that support the implementation of program initiatives and changing business requirements.
  • Support the drive to implement major changes to government delivery by making government services more digitally accessible and creating more responsive and flexible public services

How do I qualify?


  • You must have graduated from a college or university, with a degree, diploma or post-graduate certificate, within the past 5 years.
  • You must be an Indigenous person (i.e. First Nations, Métis, Inuit).

Financial and business expertise:

  • knowledge of general financial and accounting principles, policies and processes, including accounting procedures to develop understanding of budget, estimates, in-year expenditure management, internal controls and compliance, and financial reporting
  • knowledge of general approaches and considerations for resource planning, business planning and program development/implementation, such as long and short-range financial planning, financial and economic forecasting, allocating budgets and targets, risk management and performance measurement, monitoring, financial controllership and reporting
  • knowledge of risk assessment and risk management principles to contribute to ministry assessments on financial and non-financial issues
  • experience contributing to the preparation of financial estimates, budget proposals, financial reporting including providing input financial decision-making processes

Communication and interpersonal skills:

  • written and oral communication skills, to develop internal resources (presentations, communication plans, intranet postings) and prepare analysis and briefings materials
    presentation skills to make presentations to senior management on the analysis and recommendations on various financial and non-financial issues
    interpersonal skills to establish effective working relationships both within and outside the Ontario Science Centre and participate on committees, project teams and working groups in a respectful, equitable, accessible, diverse and inclusive workplace

Analytical and organizational skills:

  • planning and organizational skills, to undertake various work activities, balance and manage multiple tasks; meet deadlines
  • able to identify trends and relevant themes to support the development of user-focused and evidence-based findings, assess the impact and make recommendations
  • knowledge of research and statistical tools/techniques to produce analysis, conduct risk assessments, recommend financial processes/tools and assess business and financial options and implications
  • identify and prioritize issues to bring to the attention of the Manager or senior staff

Computer proficiency:

  • proficiency in information and financial management programs (e.g., word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation, Internet, Intranet and email) to perform daily work activities; search, analyze and manipulate data/information
  • knowledge or ability to become proficient in financial information systems, in order to research, analyze and report on ministry financial matters

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