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At Miziwe Biik we offer a multitude of resources and services to help you with gainful employment.

Visit us to make an appointment with an employment counsellor.

Aboriginal Self-employment Assistance

The objective of this program is to assist unemployed persons to become self-employed by starting a viable business.

Eligible participants include unemployed individuals wishing to start their own business.

The duration of the project may last up to 12 weeks.

Job Skills Development

A six-week program for job-ready clients, providing workshops and supportive follow-up. The program is divided into three components as follows:

Getting Started

This first component offers a look into personal traits, including self-esteem, survivability, career exploration and profiles. Personality Dimensions.

Job Search Preparation

Key skills include communications, prepare a resume, cover letters, job search, goal setting and the hidden job market, and lastly, participate in a mock interview.

‘Wired’ Workshops

Participants with little or no computer experience will benefit from this workshop as they will use Word to prepare their resumes and examine the different types of resumes. Participants will learn about online applications, text-only resumes, and put into everything they’ve learned into practice – job search using different portals, online job sites, researching employers, and labour market trends.

For further information or to make an appointment please contact the Employment Counseling Department.

Purchase of Training

Eligible participants can be persons who require assistance to overcome existing or anticipated labour market barriers.

The duration of this training may last up to 52 weeks.

Miziwe Biik requires that applications for assistance must be received at least 4 weeks before the proposed course is set to start. Applications received within two weeks of the proposed start date may not qualify for funding. Please consult with your employment counsellor or project officer for additional information.