The goal of Employment Ontario Employment Service is to help Ontarians find sustainable employment. It bridges the gap between employers seeking workplace skills and human resources to meet their business needs and individuals seeking employment.

Employment Service can offer you resources, supports and services to respond to career and employment needs of individuals as well as your office or service needs and it can help these individuals on a path to higher skill training and employment.

If you’re seeking the skills and human resources that you need to achieve your business goals, then you may be eligible to receive financial incentives to offset the cost of providing work experience opportunities, including apprenticeship training, skill level assessments for participants and wage subsidy.

We want to help you get the training, skills and experience to help you achieve your goals. We also want to connect people looking for work with employers looking for workers.

What Miziwe Biik can Offer You as an Employer:

•   Wage Subsidies to offset your costs

•   Help match your workplace/job needs to a client’s capabilities

•   Facilitate work placements, including volunteer, job test and hire, full-time or part-time work-experience

•   Negotiate agreements of varying durations, on average of 6 months, including identifying training objectives, commitments, and financial incentives

•   Help in developing a training plan that is realistic for the participant and consistent with your workplace requirements

•   Monitor and support the work placement with the participant to facilitate success

•   Support in resolving workplace issues with the participant that may impact your ability to meet business goals

•   Provide mentoring and coaching support during and after the placement

•   Financial incentives to offset your costs to provide an effective work experience, where appropriate
and necessary

•   Administer the contract with you, including the timely processing and payment of financial incentives

If you’re interested in how the Employment Ontario program can help your organization and how it can help a deserving person strive toward their career goals, then call Denise Davad, 
Tel.: 416-

Employer Services - Job Postings and Placements:

Every day Miziwe Biik receives job postings.  The Employment Resource Staff work closely with their clients to identify a selection of pre-screened candidates with the skills and experience that fit what you are looking for.  If you are interested in posting a job with us, please contact Denise Davad, 
Tel.: 416-591-0353 for more information.

If you are a potential employer, we invite you to contact our Job Developer and and find out how we can connect and the worker best suited to your needs – as well as financial incentives for your business.


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