Program Overview

Our 27 week "Carpentry f Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program in partnership with George Brown College and The Mill Centre (Dixon Hall Affiliate) prepares Aboriginal people for long-term employment to address the shortage of highly skilled Carpenters in the GTA.

The program provides Aboriginal candidates with extensive Carpentry training; both theoretical and practical experience will be gained throughout the program.

Students will receive training in the following:

•  Academic Upgrading (8 weeks)  - The Mill Centre

•  Certification: Hoisting & Rigging, Fall Protection, W.H.M.I.S., and First Aid/CPR-Level C  - The Mill Centre

•  Job Readiness / Employability ( 1 week)  - Miziwe Biik Aboriginal Employment & Training

•  Level 1 General Carpenter-403A (11 weeks)  - George Brown College – Casa Loma Campus

•  Paid / Voluntary work placement (8weeks).

Academic upgrading and testing

During the first phase of the program, participants will be preparing for the rigors of the Academic Component for Level One Carpentry e.g. Mathematics which includes geometry, conversions (imperial to metric and vice versa), fractions and decimals, algebra, ratios and proportions, at a grade 12 level.

In addition during this phase participants will receive training to earn certifications that are relevant to our economies construction industry.

First Aid/CPR Training

The second phase will be that of the participants George Brown College experience, which is where the participants will works towards achieving their Level One General Carpentry certificate.

George Brown College our partner in terms of delivering level-one Carpentry training will provide a well structured curriculum through instructors of Journey/person / CofQ (Certificate of Qualification) status.

While attending the college participants will undergo various training covering aspects of:

Lectures: health and safety, building code, tools and materials, rough carpentry, exterior/interior finish, and mathematical theory.

Shop: projects that enhance skills, basics of measurements/implementations, foundations to meet industry standards and the opportunity to gain knowledge through and industry professional.

Welding: a component that allows for basic knowledge to tie in with other industry personnel while working as a carpenter

Secondary Trades Training: Drywall & Taping

Cultural teachings will be provided periodically throughout the program, this allows for a common balance amongst participants, engaging through teachings of storytelling, history and arts and crafts.

The component brings the participants together, teaching them the importance of working well in a team and that effective communication through participation is necessary to develop oneself.

The last phase of the program consists of a eight week work placement, where participants will be trained in everything from, framing, form work, renovations, wood flooring installations, stair and hand rail, depending on which direction the participant decides to build a career in e.g. renovations, framing and form work, interior and exterior building, hard wood floor installation, cabinetry, etc…

Miziwe Biik has continued to approach construction companies and associations in the GTA to develop relationships in the construction trade and to secure employer support. Outreach has included attending trade shows, industry council meetings, and ongoing direct web and phone based efforts.  We have been significantly more successful in securing commitments for work placements in this year over last. Furthermore, we have been very successful in securing paid work placements and this development has proved to be of mutual benefit to participant and employers. Employers are enjoying a more committed and dedicated effort in exchange for their supports.

Overall our Carpentry Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program is framing the way for Toronto’s urban Aboriginal people, through such programming we meet the demand and need in today’s booming construction industry.

Successful graduates will continue with their apprenticeship with aims of becoming fully certified to secure a rewarding career as a Carpenter.

Our ongoing support and resources will be offered to ensure such goals are met and that our rapport with the Aboriginal community remains strong.

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This Pre-Apprenticeship Project is funded by

the Government of Ontario

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